Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is one of the most successful young internet marketers out there at the moment. He has made over $10 million per year using techniques that he is now sharing with the public. He has been featured in INC Magazine and Business Week as one of the leading young entrepreneurs in the United States. In 2004 Anik formed the company Lurn, an Internet marketing education company known for running Affiliate Classroom and PPC Classroom. In the 2009 Inc. 500 list it was voted as one of the fastest growing private companies Inboxdollars in the United States. Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland , Lurn it employs 11 staff. Lurn, Inc’s revenue has grown 950.8 percent over the past three years. Revenues grew from $239,726 in 2005 to $2.5 million in 2008. Anik is also an affiliate training consultant that teaches search engine optimization, pay per click strategies, and site monetization.

Anik Singal lived in India for a time when he was a child. His family left India because of the dangerous social climate and came back to the United States. He became a great tennis player and briefly thought about becoming a  professional tennis, but decided that he’d be better off pursuing an academic degree. Singal was an excellent student who was well on his way to an entirely different career than affiliate marketing consultation.

Before Anik became a successful affiliate training consultant, he was in a Pre-Med program training to become a doctor. He was in one of the highest ranked schools in the nation, but decided that the medical field wasn’t for him. So he enrolled in business school.

To learn more about Anik Singal, you can read the profile in BusinessWeek here

Anik Singal’s Focal Point

Anik Singal knew he could change people’s lives by doing something different and innovative . That is why he decided to take the brave step of quitting med school and moving into affiliate marketing. He had the https://www.stealthsecrets.com/healthywage-review/ passion and the drive to do something that would make a difference and give him a lot of respect in society. Hence, he proceeded to fulfill his dreams, and after having gained a lot of experience in affiliate marketing, he released his first product, Affiliate Classroom.

This product was something that turned out to be valuable for both beginners as well as experts in the field of affiliate marketing. He advocates multiple methods of advertising rather than relying on one source of income. By promoting various products and using multiple sources of traffic/leads, you can protect yourself from losses in case a product you promote is discontinued or a market becomes saturated with competition and no longer becoming viable. After launching The Affiliate Classroom, Anik has never looked back and has always been looking out for ways to improve his business that he can share with anyone that wants to learn and make their life better.

Anik Singal’s Latest Product – Empire Formula

Empire Formula is a project that he has wanted to do for sometime. It will teach you how he went from being a broke college student to creating a business that makes over 10 million dollars a year

It will show you how he did it as and as well you can build up your very own empire with the Empire Formula course!

Anik Singal Negative

Anik Singal is an Indian-born American that has a very high super affiliate profile. He entered into affiliate marketing about 5 years ago , and in this short period, he has come up with few good membership sites, such as Affiliate Classroom and Affiliate Classroom 2.0. He advocates varied ways of advertising, instead of being dependent on only one or two sources. One more thing that he firmly advises is creating your own email list. With these thoughts and beliefs in mind, Anik has gained a good, solid reputation among Internet marketers.

Anik Singal Scam?

Is Anik Singal a scam? He stands out as an internet marketer that provides great value in all his information products. He has received many accolades worldwide and even on the web after his successful journey as a webmaster, where he went from a broke college student to selling over $300,000 worth of products.  Therefore, Anik Singal stands out of the crowd of  as a legitimate marketer and businessman.

Conclusion: Anik Singal – 4.5/5

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